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Newton%27s Laws Quiz

Complete the multiple choice questions by choosing the BEST answer to each question.

Inertia is something that pushes an object along once you have thrown and released it., Inertia is just a name that describes the fact that an object obeys Newton’s first law., Inertia is something an object has when it’s at rest. Once moving, an object loses its inertia., Inertia is sort of an “internal force” that actively resists changes in motion. For example, when you try to push something, its inertia pushes back on you.,
2. Which of the following best describes the concept of inertia?
Newton1stickfigure.jpg, , ,
3. A train is moving along a straight section of track at a constant speed. Which of the following statements about the train are true?
The box has inertia that will resist the boy’s push, so if the box’s inertia is large enough, the box won’t move., Objects at rest tend to stay at rest, so the box won’t move because of its inertia, Because the boy’s push is opposed by friction, the box will not move. quiz generator , There is an unbalanced net force on the box, so it will begin to move,
4. A book is sitting on a dashboard of a car that%27s stopped at a traffic light. As the car starts to move forward, the book slides off the dashboard. Pick the most correct explanation.
Football field.png, short answer questions , ,
There is never an unbalanced force on the football. It’s going to do what it’s going to do because of Newton’s first law., The football comes to rest in the receiver’s hands because the natural tendency of any object is to come to rest. , The force exerted on the football by the machine stays with the football, propelling it to the receiver., Once the football leaves the machine, its inertia keeps it moving toward the receiver. ,
6. At halftime of a pro football game, the local team has a contest in which a machine shoots out a football and a chosen fan has to catch the football. Which of the following statements is true regarding this situation?
There must be a net force acting on the train to keep it moving at a constant speed., The train must have a force acting on it larger than the train’s inertia in order to keep moving. e-learning , If the train is moving at a constant speed, then any forces that might be acting on the train must cancel out. , If the train is moving at constant speed, there must be no forces at all acting on the train,
Rockets.jpg, , ,
8. The drawing shows a rocket being launched from the Earth and then reentering. In which of the three positions does gravity act on the rockets?
3 only, 1 and 2 only, 2 and 3 only, 1, 2 and 3,