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OxWord B/8/1

Wybierz poprawne odpowiedzi (może być ich więcej niż jedna).

1. What%27s your first name?
Smith., Wojtek., It%27s not your business., Poland.
2. Could I have your address?
15 Babylon Road., Tomorrow., No, never., Of course.
3. Where are you from?
German., Polish., French., Greece.
4. Whereabouts in Poland?
Radom., I don%27t know., Yes., Europe.
5. What do you do?
I%27m studying history., Yes, sometimes., I%27m a student., I work for a sofware company.
6. Are you married or single?
I don%27t know., Yes, of course., Single., I%27ve got two children.
7. Have you got any children?
Yes., No., Three., No, never.
8. How old are your children?
Six, eight and nine., Sixty., I don%27t remember., No.