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Real listening and speaking - general

My sister lives in Australia., Terrible weather today, isn%27t it?, Thank you for coming., Excuse me, is anyone sitting here? class website , Where are you from?, Do you play tennis?, Good morning. How are you?, Nice weather today, isn%27t it?, Bye for now teaching , Hi, how are things?, Hi, my name%27s Jane Taylor., I%27m looking forward the weekend. educational games , I%27m going to NYC next week., I%27m going to a football match tonight. results , I haven%27t been to NYC yet. crossword maker , My sister is getting married tomorrow.,

How exciting! Have you been there before?, Yes, it is. Hope it%27s getting better soon., Really? That sounds great. Congratulations., Haven%27t you? You should visit sometime., Yes, indeed. Not too hot., I%27m very well, thank you. And you?, Oh, really? It%27s a beautiful country, isn%27t it?, Bye. See you later., No, it%27s free., Not bad, thanks., How exciting! Which team do you support?, I%27m from Budapest. What about you? matching excercise , Thank you for the invitation. It was a nice party., Nice to meet you. language , Yes, I do. How about you?, Have you got any plans?,