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Energy transformation Quiz A

Answer the following questions by choosing the best answer.

1. What kind of energy transformation takes place in an electric fan
generating electricity from a natural gas fired power plant, generating electricity from a coal fired power plant class website , generating electricity from a windturbine power system, generating electricity from a solarpanel system,
Sunbatterylight.jpg, , ,
3. Most of the chemical energy released when gasoline burns in a car engine is not used to move the car, but is changed into
Solar energy produces chemical energy in the light bulb., Electrical energy from the solar cell charges batteries., The solar cell produces electrical energy., Electrical energy produces heat and light.,
4. In a loud speaker what transformation of energy takes place?
electrical converted to mechanical energy, electrical converted to sound energy online learning games , wind converted to electrical energy, electrical converted to wind energy,
5. Which action in the science laboratory transforms chemical energy to heat energy?
Chemical energy to electrical energy, Electrical energy to nuclear energy, Electrical energy to heat and light, Electrical energy to sound (mechanical) energy,
6. A flat solar cell is shown above. Energy is transformed all the way to lighting a bulb.Which of the following statements is NOT true of the energy transformations in this diagram?
Electricity, Heat, Magnatism, Sound,