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Visual language

Crossword hints:
It is a process in which a person becomes aware of the information an image contains., Law of perception. When no elements are enhanced all of them are perceived as one only thing., They are images which are made following one particular idea of beauty., It is a person or a group of people who gets the information through an image., It is a purpose for images that want to entertain the observers., It is a person or a group of people who make an image that transmitts information., It is a list of rules and ways to represent an image. In visual language and communication in general, there is different languages with different kinds of ............., It is a purpose of images or messages which want the reciever to do something., In visual communication, it is an image which contains information, In visual communication, it is the way the image is built or made. It can be TV images, a painting, drawing or an sculpture., In visual language they are graphic resources which are used to simbolize ideas difficult to represent or in a different way than they could have been represented., Law of perception. It is a sinonim of highlight. In an image happens when an element is somehow enphasized.,

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