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Verbos Present-Past

forgive, burn, find, forget, hurt, go class page , hold, fly, bring grading , feel, draw, cut, keep educational games , freeze, know, begin, dig, forbid interactive learning , buy, have, blow build your own quiz , hang, catch, hide, build teacher , can, deal, come, hit, break, eat, drink, become, get, cost, do, choose, bite interactive learning , be, fight, dream, beat, burst, give, hear, drive, fall, grow, bear, feed,

flew, found, brought, felt online learning games , hurt, became, drove, gave, froze, fed, forgave, held, bore interactive learning , fought, did, dug, bought, had, burst, broke, built, burnt, grew, dreamt, forgot, fell, went, blew interactive learning , drank, hit, came, forbade, dealt, could, beat, got, hung, ate, chose, kept, knew, hid, caught, drew, began, heard quiz generator , was/were, cut, cost, bit build your own quiz ,