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SAT Vocabulary Day 6 (copy)

1. yield; delay
deferred online education , tawdry, compelling, compliant
2. school worsen; embitter
exacerbate, venal, enthrall, compliant
3. not easily disturbed
phlegmatic, wary results , compelling, laxity
4. yielding; submissive
compliant, abyss, soluble, implacable
5. calmness; composure
equanimity, abyss, debase, veer
6. can be dissolved
soluble, compelling, compliant, masticate
7. can live on both land and in water
amphibious, compliant, engender, impugned
8. cancel, call off
abrogate, medieval, vicissitude, chary
9. cannot be appeased or pacified; relentless
implacable, incantation, insouciant, unintelligible
10. cannot be correct, improved, or reformed
incorrigible, abyss invite students , masticate, formidable
11. cannot be disconcerted, disturbed, or excited; impassive
imperturbable, formidable teaching , abyss, compliant
12. cannot be understood; incomprehensible
unintelligible, veer english , amphibious, chary
13. web pagecapable of being corrupted
venal, abyss, tawdry, enthrall
14. learning capable of being shaped
malleable, veer computer assisted language learning , equanimity, circumspect
15. capable of being used in place of something else
fungible, reciprocate, exacerbate, enthrall
16. captivate; fascinate
enthrall, exacerbate, amphibious, malleable
17. captivating; irresistibly interesting
compelling, amphibious, incantation, phlegmatic
18. carefree; showing a gay, cheerful disposition
blithe, deferred create online tests , gristle, engender
19. careful management
prudence, medieval, gristle, masticate
20. interactive learning careful; cautious
chary, circumspect multiple choice questions , laxity, reciprocate
21. assess performance careless
laxity, venal, fungible, wary
22. school cartilage found in meat
gristle, phlegmatic, implacable, masticate
23. cause to move alternately back and forth
reciprocate, blithe, implacable, fungible
24. cause; produce
engender, implacable, malleable, exacerbate
25. causing fear or dread
formidable, abyss, compelling, blithe
26. cautious; careful
circumspect, debase, engender, abyss
27. cautious; on one%27s gaurd
wary, phlegmatic, compelling, masticate
28. stimulate your students challenge as false
impugned, compliant, deferred, reciprocate
29. short answer questions change in direction; shift
veer, masticate, reciprocate, laxity
30. change of fortune
vicissitude, engenderweb page, soluble, masticate
31. chanted words or a formula
incantation, laxity, abyss, exacerbate
32. characteristic of the middle ages
medieval, equanimity, compliant, deferred
33. chasm; a deep fissure in the earth
abyss, reciprocate, venal, enthrall
34. cheap and showy; gaudy; sleazy
tawdry, abyss, impugned, prudence
35. cheapen; to make lower in value, quality, character, or dignity
debase, wary, amphibious, reciprocate
36. create online quizzes cheerful, friendly, and sympathetic
alacrity, medieval, wary, incorrigible
37. elearning chew
masticate, incantation, medieval, imperturbable