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Are those earrings on sale?, How often do you go shopping at The Mall?, How much is a cheap DVD at The Mall?, Do you need to buy anything? interactive , How much is a cheap cell phone in Thailand?, Do you like to wear desiger clothes?, How much is a new Honda Wave motorcycle in Thailand?, Does your English teacher have to wear a suit and tie? results history , May I borrow 1000 Baht?, What kinds of clothes do you like to wear in class? , Does your mother like to go shopping?, Is that purse expensive?, What kinds of clothes do you like to wear after class?, May I help you? online activities , Do you often wear blue jeans?, What do you where in the winter in Thaland? class website ,

Sure. No problem. Here you are., Uhh, maybe about 35,000 Baht., I Usually wear casual clothes, like jeans and a T-shirt. interactive , About once a month., No, I don\%27t., Well, I have to wear a uniform., No, he doesn\%27t., No, it\%27s not. grading , Yes, they are., Yes, she does. online learning games , Yes, I need to buy new flipflops., Yes, please. How much is that beautiful necklace?, Hmm, maybe about 1000 Baht., A jacket, sometimes a sweater and a jacket. activity , Sometimes., 100 Baht.,