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How much_____ umbrella cost?, ________are very expensive in Canada, I______wear high heels because they\%27re not comfortable., She__________wear a uniform at Harvard University., ___ you wear sunglasses sometimes?, _______ is that blue and yellow Honda Wave motorcycle?, I don\%27t go shopping with you ________ I\%27m very tired., I wear flipflops sometimes, but I don\%27t wear them________., My best friend likes to _______ for clothes., _____your father have to wear a suit to work?, I need to wear_____to work., He_______go shopping because it\%27s boring., He_______wear flipflops because they\%27re comfortable., I______buy new shoes because my shoes are very old. interactive , I_______wear a suit and tie at SUT., In English class I like to wear comfortable shoes, like_____ ,

doesn\%27t have to, Designer clothes, does this quiz , need to, sneakers, Does, Do, doesn\%27t like to, all the time, How much, because language , nice clothes, go shopping, don\%27t like to, likes to, don\%27t have to crossword maker ,