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Learning Target 5 QUIZ

Choose the best answer for each question. There is only one correct answer unless otherwise noted.

1. Imagine you are going to study a tallgrass prairie at the ecosystem level. Some aspects that you might investigate include the effect of ______. (Choose ALL answers that apply)
biosphere, ecosystem, community, population, individual, individual, community, population, ecosystem, biosphere, individual, population, community, ecosystem, biosphere short answer questions , ecosystem, community, population, individual,
2. Bullfrogs are bullies and they have many scientists hopping mad over their behavior! Since they grow faster than many other frog species, bullfrogs often eat the tadpoles of other frogs before they have a chance to fully grow! If a scientist decides to study the effect of a group of bullfrogs on the spring peeper (another type of frog) population at Lake Marmo, what level of ecological organization is she studying?
population, community, ecosystem, individual,
3. Which of the following levels of ecological organization is NOT correctly defined?
population, community, individual, ecosystem,
4. Which of the following levels of ecological organization includes all of the others?
weevil insects on the reproductive success of wild indigo plants, sweet clover plants on the nitrogen levels in the soil, height on the reproductive success of prairie dock plants, changing sunlight levels on the behavior of red-winged blackbirds,