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Todo es rápido en la ciudad. Part 3

las feminine plural, ganamos, hago help students assimilate material , son , tanto, sus, después de, aquí, cómo, comer, todos, respirar, miran, visita, tonto, van multiple choice questions , o, rápido, mira, así, ir, descansar, ver test , visitan, para results , a test , desea, vivir, pequeño, trabajar, los masculine plural, eso,

we earn or we win, the, or, fast, rapid, they look at, watch learning , to see, she visits, to eat, the online learning games , here, they visit, small, little, after, look ESL , to wish or want, they go online , how, every, all, their, that quiz , so, (in) this way,thus e-learning , for, in order to, to, they are online , so much, foolish, stupid, to live, to rest, I do, to breathe, to work, to go,