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DN-Keyboarding-Computer Basics

Database, Spreadsheet online education , Firewall, Wide Area Network, Hardware class page , Multimedia, File Saves, Anti-Virus Software, Word Processing, Software, Operating System quiz builder , Peripheral, CPU, Pop-Up Blocker, Local Area Network, Anti-Spam ESL ,

Software to create, edit, and format letters or reports, set of instructions that tell the computer what to do. , WAN connects computers-wide geographic area, prevents annoying advertisments on a web page., blocks unwanted email, Central Processing Unit multiple choice questions , the main program that manges all programs loaded on a computer. , Save new document, rename or save in other location., a piece of hardware attached and works with CPU, organize data in columns and rows. It can calculate. , used to collect and organize data. Address Book, blocks and cleans hard drive, blocks intruders from invading your computer quiz generator , physical equipment you can touch. CPU, Monitor, LAN Connects computers-small area educational activities , text, graphics, sound, and video used for presentations.,