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Word processing terms

margin, backspace key, CTRL-U, first line indent, CTRL-B quiz builder , CTRL-5, delete key, CTRL-2, justified, bold, tab, red underline, font printable , alignment, copy/paste, spacebar, enter, block, clipboard, green underline, CTRL - Z, Insert-symbol, cut/paste teaching , CTRL-F,

special memory that holds deleted or copied items a short time, the correct way to indent each new paragraph, fastest method of finding text on a large document improve results , ready for new paragarph, moves existing text down, method of moving blocks of text, the edge of the document quiz builder , computer does not recognize the word, key will move the cursor to a specific place on the ruler, 1 1/2 line spacing hot key, to undo a mistake, hot key for double spacing text, hot keys for bold educational activities , Where the text is straight - right, left, center, or both, heavy dark print learning , the %22typeface%22 or appearance of the characters, method of dublicating blocks of text, hot key for underline, a larger section of text, such as paragraphs, how we get symbols that are not on the keyboard, erases character to the right, moves existing text right then down one word at a time, possible grammar problem, moves text to the left, deletes to the left, and moves up class page , text that is straight on both sides,