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Picture Quiz 1

programs, clipart prepare quiz , icons, images,
2. Headphones are input devices.
minimize.png, active teaching , ,
3. What is the name of this document?
minimizes (gets smaller), maximizes (fills the screen), closes class website , is deleted (thrown away),
CLOSE.jpg, , ,
5. This are all types of
minimizes, maximizes, closes, moves,
True, false, ,
DOCK.jpg, , ,
8. This is called
address bar, task bar, dock, finder,
MENUBAR.jpg, , ,
10. This is the
tool bar, menu bar, task bar english , scroll bar,
insert, format, help, file,
12. This button wil also close the program
SUBMENU.jpg, , educational games ,
13. This is called the
tool bars, menus, windows, icons,
CURSORS.jpg, , ,
icons, pointers, menus, cursors,
16. These lists of choices are called
you can type a word, you can move the object, you can select it by clicking test , you can make the object a different color,
17. What does button 3 do?
doc.jpg, , ,
Untiltled, Document 1, New Document, you can%27t tell by this picture,
got to File %3e Save , go to File %3e New document , go to Insert %3e new name, got to File %3e Save As,
20. Which key do you need to use to make an upper-case letter?
COMMAND.png, , distance learning ,
21. This person is right-clicking. You do this if you want
command, control class website , space bar, shift,
22. When this arrow becomes a hand it means
scrollbar2.jpg, , ,
23. When you click on this the window
scroll bar, task bar, title bar, menu bar,
toolbar2.jpg, , ,
task bar, scroll bar printable , title bar, tool bar,
26. These are called
27. Where on this bar would you go to save a document?
28. To change a document%27s title you need to go to
appleAlKeyboard_large.jpg, , ,
29. When you click on this the window
a typewriter, the keys, a keyboard, a laptop,
rightclick2.jpg, , ,
31. This is a picture of
click an icon, move a window, scroll down a window, see a menu,
32. This is the
DESKTOP.jpg, , ,
a computer, a program, a desktop, a screensaver,
34. This is the
mac_mouse.png, , ,
displays a menu, double clicks, scrolls, saves,