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Past and Future Tense

%27Familiarise%27 - use the flashcards to learn the beginnings and endings. %27Solve%27 - play matching pairs with the flashcards to test yourself.

םםםתֶּם, םםםתָּ, יםםם, תםםםנה, תםםםי, יםםםו, תםםם, םםםתֶּן, םםםוּ, םםם, נםםם, םםםנוּ, אםםם, םםםתְּ, םםםתִּי, תםםםו, םםםָה,

I PAST, I FUTURE, we FUTURE, you (ms) or she FUTURE, she PAST, you (mpl) PAST, he FUTURE, he PAST, you (fpl) PAST, you (ms) PAST invite students , you (fs) PAST, you (mpl) FUTURE, they PAST educational activities , you (fs) FUTURE, you (fpl) or they (f) FUTURE, they (m) FUTURE, we PAST,