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Unit 1 - APUSH Summer Reading Review - two

*Match the term tiles with the correct definitions after reading pages 23-32. *Demonstrate proficiency by completing the activity until earning a score of at least 80%25. *CLICK %22SOLVE%22 on the next page.

Articles of Confederation, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Gilbert Stuart and Benjamin West, Albany Plan, Pennsylvania and New York, Currency Act, Sons of Liberty, committees of correspondence, early 1800%27s create online tests , Saratoga distance learning , Proclamation of 1763, Yorktown, Intolerable (or Coercive) Acts, unanimous / all of them , Suffolk Resolves, Townshend Duties or Townshend Acts,

state vote required for revision of Articles, major 1780%27s British defeat during the Revolution, statements voiced displeasure with Intolerable Acts, early attempt by Ben Franklin to promote colonial unity, obviously contributed to money shortage in colonies , document initially used by the independent United States results , 1770%27s British defeat during Revolution, taxes created on various items including tea, organized Stamp Act opposition through intimidation, Northern states overhwhelmed by civil war during Revolution, artists depicted American identity through paintings, closed Boston in reaction to Boston Tea Party, shared colonial concerns plus organized resistance, blocked settlement beyond Appalachian Mts build your own quiz , some loyalists moved to these areas after Revolution, time in which legal importation of slaves brought to a close,