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Unit 1 - APUSH Summer Reading Review

*Match the term tiles with the correct definitions after reading pages 1-23. *Demonstrate proficiency by completing the activity until earning a score of at least 80%25. *CLICK %22SOLVE%22 on the next page.

Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, New Netherlands, John Winthrop, fur trade, mercantilism, capital prepare quiz , Ohio river system or %22Ohio country%22, England, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal online quizzes , John Rolfe, encomienda, caravel, maize, agreements concerning European land claims, St. Augustine, 1763, spices and refined cloth online education , Prince Henry,

developed by Portugese %26 known for sailing into the wind, year in which Britain gained dominance in North America, line of demarcation and Treaty of Tordesillas, governor of Massachusetts in early years of development, monarch known for Western Europe navgation school , settlement made to block rival European incursions, major money maker for North American French colonists, reading context clues reveal the word means %22money%22, Spanish farms possessing almost complete autonomy, major powers exploring Western Hemisphere, this reading term has a dictionary definition of %22corn%22, promoted sale of tobacco to make Virginia a profitable colony, Asian goods Europeans actively sought to acquire, area of tension between France and England, economic policy promoting trade to ensure prosperity online activities , Dutch colony taken over by English in the 1600%27s, Puritan areas of settlement in New England,