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All Tenses Stage One

Choose the correct answer.

1. He often ____ the truth to his family members.
tells, tell, is telling, was telling
2. When I saw her, I ___ she would be my best friend.
know short answer questions , knew, knows, was knowing
3. They ___ to Finland every winter.
are traveling, traveled, travel, will travel
4. She ___ the dentist next Wednesday.
sees tool for teachers , is seeing, will see, saw
5. Things ___ better the next time we meet.
get, gets, got, will get
6. mix questions I woke up because I ____ some strange noises.
hear, heard, am hearing, will hear
7. Dorit ... dinner while her sister ... the dishes.
was preparing, washed, prepared, was washing, was preparing, was washing, prepared, washed