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Putting space between all letters is called:, The dimensions of a legal sheet of paper, Is vector image resolution dependent or independent?, Positioning things to draw the eye the way you want, What the center of interest is called, The smallest item of information in digital image, The principle that says like items should be grouped together, The area where there is no text or graphics, The concept of making sides feel equal invite students , The use of light and dark shades together, How many points are in a pica?, How many points are in an inch?, Repeating design elements is called:, Example of Raster image/Bitmap, How many picas are in an inch, Putting space between just two letters is called:,

Photograph, Balance, Focal point, 6, 8 1/2 x 11, Repetition, White Space, Tracking, Pixel, 12, Directional Flow, contrast e-learning , Resolution Independent, Kerning, 72 web tool , proximity,