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(ITF) Key Apps:Unit 1: Common Elements:Short Cut Keys (copy)

You have 3 minutes to complete this quiz before it will time out.

1. Alt %2b Tab
Switch Between Documents, Redo, New document, Underline text
2. teacher CTRL %2b X
Cut, Highlight all, Switch Between Documents, Copy
3. distance learning CTRL %2b L
Align left, New document, Save, Cut
4. CTRL %2b A
Highlight all, Close file, Print, Redo
5. CTRL %2b 1
Single line spacing, Underline text, Undo, Copy
6. CTRL %2b 2
Double line spacing, New document, Close file, Print
7. CTRL %2b U
Underline text, Undo, Paste, Single line spacing
8. CTRL %2b N
New document, Cut, Double line spacing, Print
9. CTRL %2b V
Paste, New document, Switch Between Documents, Bold
10. CTRL %2b P
Print, Double line spacing, Cut, Bold
11. CTRL %2b C
Copy, Redo, Align left, Cut
12. CTRL %2b S
Save, Print, Redo, Bold
13. CTRL %2b W
Close file, Switch Between Documents, Save, Copy
14. CTRL %2bY
Redo, Paste, Switch Between Documents, Cut
15. CTRL %2b Z
Undo, Double line spacing, Close file, Highlight all