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Leading web tool , Serif, Grouping, Skewing, Proximity, Thumbmail Print, Rotate, Facing Pages, Complementary, Cropping quiz , Contrast, Drop Cap, Leaders, Analogous active teaching , Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black english , Red, Green, and Blue, San Serif help students assimilate material ,

Pages that appear side by side, The use of light and dark shades, Colors opposite each other on the color wheel, Colors next to each other on the color wheel, Dots or dashes that precede tabbed text, Colors used in CMYK Model, The effect that distorts a block of text or graphic. teacher , Rough draft of the layout and design of a publication, The first letter of the paragraph is larger than the rest. assess performance , A font without the small stroke at the edge of a letter, When %22like%22 objects are grouped together activity , The small stroke at the edge of a letter online quizzes , How spacing between baselines of text is set, Combining objects to make a single group activity , Trimming a graphic to focus on a certain area web tool , Used to turn an object a certain amount of degrees tool for teachers , Colors in RGB Model,