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Computer Tech Quiz #4 Slider

1. What is the url address extension for international?
.int, Attachment, but, Hypertext link
2. What is the url address extension for education?
.edu, World Wide Web, Internet Service Provider (ISP), .net
3. What is the url address extension for commercial?
.com, .net, web browser, .edu
4. What is the url address extension for network?
.net, .edu, No, Internet
5. A program designed to view web pages is called:
web browser, .edu, but, Attachment
6. A link that takes us elsewhere within a document or other places is called
Hypertext link, .net, No, Presentation Software
7. What is needed to access the internet?
Internet Service Provider (ISP), Search Engines, No, .int
8. Yahoo and Google are examples of:
Search Engines, Internet Service Provider (ISP), but, Attachment
9. Millions of computers hooked to host servers is:
Internet, Graphic, .com, Internet Service Provider (ISP)
10. The word that does not narrow a keyword internet search is:
but, Internet Service Provider (ISP) class page , Internet, .net
11. What www stands for
World Wide Web, .net, .int, Attachment
12. This is used to present information to large groups
Presentation Software, Search Engines, Spam, .int
13. Is Email Private?
No, .net, Search Engines, Internet Service Provider (ISP)
14. Another word for a pictorial representation
Graphic, .org build your own quiz , Hypertext link, World Wide Web
15. create online activities Unsolicited email
Spam, No, .org, .int
16. What is the document called that you send with an email?
Attachment, Search Engines, .int, Reply
17. online activities What button you press to respond to an email?
Reply, .com, .edu, but