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Computer Tech Quiz #3 Slider

1. Guiding principles that help us determine right from wrong
Ethics, Acceptable Use Policy, Active Cell, %2b
2. Software you can try out for free but need to pay for it to keep it.
Shareware, All Rights Reserved, .net, *
3. What is Software called where you have to follow the rules EXACTLY
All Rights Reserved, -, Ethics, /
4. e-learning If you quote a resource from the internet, what you need to do?
Give proper credit, All Rights Reserved, SUM, Values
5. What is used to explain different colors and patterns of a chart?
Legend, /, Labels, Ethics
6. Text in Excel is called this.
Labels, %2b, .gov, Give proper credit
7. Numbers in Excel are called this.
Values, .gov, /, %2b
8. What is the function in Excel that adds called?
SUM, Active Cell, %2b, Shareware
9. class page The cell with the thick black line around it in Excel and ready to receive information is called?
Active Cell, Acceptable Use Policy, Give proper credit, *
10. What represents the Division Symbol
/, All Rights Reserved, Ethics, Shareware
11. What represents an Addition Symbol
%2b, Ethics, Legend, Acceptable Use Policy
12. What represents a Subtraction Symbol
-, Shareware class page , .gov, *
13. educational games What represents the Multiplication Symbol
*, Give proper credit, %2b, .gov
14. What is the url address extension for network?
.net, Labels, /, Active Cell
15. What is the url address extension for government?
.gov, Ethics, Give proper credit, Active Cell