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Computer Tech Quiz #2 Slider

1. What happens when data is copied electronically?
It is placed on the clipboard., Margins, Business Letter, Currency
2. What letter style has all parts starting on the left side?
Full Block, Margins, Currency, Cell Address
3. What type of application program is Excel?
Spreadsheet, Cell Address, Line Graph, Business Letter
4. What are the initials called of the person who typed the letter?
reference initials, Pie Chart, Currency, It is placed on the clipboard.
5. What letter style has the date and compliimentary close at center?
Modified Block, It is placed on the clipboard., Proofread, Full Block
6. What is the software that controls the overall functions of the computer called?
Operating Software, Cell Address, It is placed on the clipboard., Spreadsheet
7. What time of letter has a letterhead?
Business Letter, Cell Address, Margins, Pie Chart
8. The boundary of space at the top, bottom, left, and right of a page is called:
Margins, Save As, Cell Address, Modified Block
9. What type of Graph is used to chart data and how it changes over time?
Line Graph, Business Letter, reference initials, Pie Chart
10. What is the best way to find missing or misused words?
Proofread, Line Graph, Full Block, reference initials
11. Wht is a way to make nicely aligned columns in Word?
Tabs, Operating Software, Save As, It is placed on the clipboard.
12. What type of graph shows a %22piece%22 of the whole?
Pie Chart, Save As, Tabs, Margins
13. language In Excel, what is it called where the column and row intersect?
Cell Address, Tabs, Modified Block, Business Letter
14. Another word for %22Dollar%22
Currency, Binary Code, Business Letter, It is placed on the clipboard.
15. How do you save a document under a new name?
Save As, Spreadsheet, Binary Code, Modified Block