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Picture Quiz 2

a floppy disk, a CDRom, a hard drive, an icon,
CURSORS.jpg, , ,
3. This is
pointers, programs, icons, cursors,
CLOSE.jpg, , ,
5. This flash drive is used to
quits the program, shuts down the computer, quits the program and closes the window, closes the window,
PRINT.jpg, , ,
the top one (printer), the middle one (presets), the third one (copies and pages), it%27s not on this window,
8. This is the operating system software we use on our computers. It is
Harddrive.jpg, , ,
9. This is called the
memory chip, hard drive, disk drive, floppy disk,
10. These little pictures are really called
FLASH.jpg, , ,
get on the internet, save files, print documents, repair your computer,
12. These are different kinds of
13. I use this to
a program, an output device, an input device online learning games , software,
ICONS.jpg, , class web page ,
15. This is called
images, clip art, programs english , icons,
16. This is a picture of
1hardware.jpg, , ,
17. Speakers are an example of
software, hardware, peripherals, gears,
18. What does this icon on the dock open?
macbook-pro.jpg, help students assimilate material , ,
a desktop computer, a pc, a laptop, a monitor,
20. All of this is considered
minimize.png, printable , ,
21. This is an example of
maximize the window, minimize the window , open a program computer assisted language learning , close a program,
22. I click this when I want to
SEARCH.jpg, , ,
search a folder, enter a web address, search the internet, save a document,
Electronics Computer Apple iMac Desktop 20GHz-Hero1616194062500.jpg, , ,
25. This picture shows
a monitor, a cpu mix questions , a monitor and cpu, a laptop,
mouse2.jpg, , active teaching ,
a pointer, a cursor interactive learning , a mouse, a output device,
macosx-box-big.gif, , ,
29. This picture shows
a software program used to type documents, a software program used to make a slide show, the main software on our computers, the browser,
appleAlKeyboard_large.jpg, , ,
typewriter, keyboard, touch pad learning ,
32. Which of lthese highlighted keys would need to use to make a upper-case letter?
scrollbar2.jpg, , ,
a scroll bar, a tool bar, a task bar, a menu,
34. This is
speakers2.jpg, , ,
35. This is a picture of
a software program, an input device , an output device, a storage device,
36. Which one would appear when you point to a link?
ADDRESS.jpg, , educational activities ,
a menu, a google search bar, a web address bar, a tool bar,
DOCK.jpg, , ,
scroll bar, work station, menu, dock,
toolbar2.jpg, , ,
41. These buttons let you
a task bar, a menu, a tool bar e-learning , a window,
42. This is an example of
VIEWS.jpg, , ,
save a file, search the hard drive, change the view of a window, change the view of a web page,
44. What drop down menu on the formatting palette would you choose to change the size of your text?
windows2.jpg, , ,
45. This is a picture of
several open windows, several open menus, several tool bars, several software programs,
word2.jpg, , ,
hardware, a hard drive, software, the internet,
48. Which menu would you use to change from color ink to black and white?
mac_mouse.png, , ,
primary button, secondary button, button 3, you can%27t get to a menu with this mouse,
DESKTOP.jpg, create online tests , ,
a desktop, a screensaver, a monitor, a folder,
52. This is a picture of lthe inside of a Mac desktop computer. The person in the picture is removing the main storage device. What is it called?
mac_mouse.png, , ,
53. Which of lthese highlighted keys can you use to copy (along with the %22C%22 key)?
primary button, secondary button learning , button 3, you can%27t scroll with this mouse,
54. This is a
CURSORS.jpg, educational activities , online quizzes ,
55. This button
the 1st , the 2nd, the 3rd, none of these,
formpal-m.gif, , ,
57. This is
Font, Styles, Alignment and Spacing, Borders and Shading,
Font, Styles, Alignment and Spacing, Borders and Shading,
59. Which drop down menu on the formatting palette would you choose to center your text?
COMMAND.png, , ,
Shift, Control distant learning , Command,
Shift, Control, Command,
62. Which part of the mouse would you use to scroll up or down a window?
finder_sm.jpg, , ,
63. Which part of the mouse would you use to get a menu?
your lab folder, the finder window ESL , the download folder, the internet,