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with the Holy Spirit, he changes bread and wine to the Body and Blood of Christ, God%27s greatest gift to us, person who lived a holy life and shows us how to follow Jesus, when Jesus first celebrated the Eucharist with His disciples educational games , the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus generate answer keys , day before Good Fridaywe remember Jesus%27 gift of the Eucharist, the Word of God as written in the Bible, us, Scripture, and the Eucharist, %22Do this in memory of me.%22, a kind of prayer to celebrate God%27s goodness, the celebration of the Eucharist, sharing of the Eucharist to remember Jesus%27 sacrifice , means %22thanksgiving%22; the Body and Blood of Jesus, part of mass: the bread wine be- come the Body Blood of Jesus, prayer in which we ask for God%27s help or forgiveness, the part of Mass in which we hear the Word of God in the Scripture,