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All the Tricky Stuff!--Changes Every Time!--Do at least 5 times!

1. What was Lee%27s army called?
Army of Northern Virginia, Army of South Carolina, Army of Richmond, Army of Gettysburg,
2. Which of the following made it cheaper and faster to travel west? (CHOOSE TWO)
primary source, secondary source learning , ,
3. Which group of Europeans established settlements and claimed land ownership in North America?
primary source, secondary source, ,
4. Which events took place during Washington%27s presidency? (CHOOSE MORE THAN ONE)
Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Southern Ocean, Arctic Ocean,
5. Who was the author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, which helped formed the basis for the Bill of Rights?
meridian, latitude, longitude,
6. Which of these characteristics are true for the Articles of Confederation? (CHOOSE MORE THAN ONE)
Jo Anderson, Cyrus McCormick, Eli Whitney, Robert Fulton,
7. This geographic feature determines the directional flow of rivers in North America
8. Which TWO European groups spread Christianity to the American Indians?
Erie Canal, steamboat invite students , Gold Rush, reaper,
9. In which colonial region did most people belong to the Church of England?
Bill of Rights added to the Constitution, Two political parties emerged, Plans initiated for a new capital, Federal court system established,
10. Which settlement was founded by Puritans?
Atlantic Ocean, Hudson Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean,
11. Which is an example of specialization?
Atlantic Ocean, Hudson Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean,
12. How many representatives does each state send to the Senate?
To stop the colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains, To remain a world power, To make the colonists only trade raw materials to Britain, To acquire the territory of Florida,
13. Which body of water was an early exploration destination? (HINT: Think about Columbus. Where was he trying to go?)
English, French, Spanish,
14. Which lines on the map measure distance north or south of the equator?
People in New England made money by fishing, shipbuilding, and making naval supplies., People in New England depended on the South for raw materials, such as cotton., People in New England depended on the Mid-Atlantic for grains and livestock.,
15. Which group of Europeans claimed land in the Southwest United States, spread diseases, and conquered and enslaved the American Indians?
People in the Mid-Atlantic made money by raising grains and livestock., People in the Mid-Atlantic made money by fishing., People in the Mid-Atlantic bought naval supplies from people in New England.,
16. Which colonial region had hilly terrain and rocky soil?
Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Pennsylvania, Jamestown,
17. Where did delegates from all colonies except Georgia meet to discuss problems with Great Britain and promote independence?
Plymouth, Roanoke Island, Massachusetts Bay, New York,
18. Our textbook is a
New England, Mid-Atlantic, South,
19. The Europeans brought weapons and metal farm tools, traded, and learned about crops from the American Indians. These are examples of
Power is divided between three branches of government., Power is divided between the national and state governments., The national government has most of the power., The people are guaranteed rights in the first ten amendments.,
20. Scientists do not agree about how people first migrated to the Western Hemisphere.
7, 9, 11 online activities , 13,
21. Which TWO colonies were in New England?
How many representatives each state should send to Congress., How much power the national government should have., Whether enslaved people should count toward population., Whether new states should be slave or free.,
22. England became Great Britain in the early 1700s.
1, 2, depends on population, depends on land area,
23. Why did Great Britain fight the French and Indian War?
New England, Mid-Atlantic, South,
24. The Gettysburg Address is a
European nations stayed out of the Western Hemisphere., European nations gained respect for America., America spread westward into Louisiana., America acquired the territory of Florida.,
25. What was the result of the War of 1812?
%22We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal...with certain unalienable rights%22, %22We the people, in order to form a more perfect Union..%22, %22Government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from this Earth..%22, %22Give me liberty or give me death.%22,
26. Which sentence describes the federal system?
English, French, Spanish,
27. How many states had to ratify the Constitution?
English, French, Spanish,
28. Which body of water was an early exploration route for the French and Spanish?
cooperation, conflict, ,
29. Which TWO people are entrepreneurs?
cooperation, conflict, ,
30. What issue was settled by the Great Compromise?
Death Valley, Continental Divide, Great Plains, Mississippi River,
31. Competition for trade, land, differences in culture and language, and diseases are all examples of _____ between the Europeans and the American Indians.
First Continental Congress, Constitutional Convention, Articles of Confederation, Treaty of Paris,
32. Which body of water is located south of the 60 degree S line of latitude?
Congress had no power to tax or regulate commerce., A federal system divded power equally between national and state governments., Provided for no executive or judicial branch improve results , Provided for no common currency,
33. Which quote is found in the Gettysburg Address?