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Computer Vocab 1

1. The %22brain%22 of the computer or central processing unit:
2. The hardware that is used to pass information into the computer; a keyboard is one:
output device, peripheral, input device, CPU
3. Any hardware that receives and displays information coming from the computer; the monitor is an example:
output device, peripheral language , input device, processor
4. Any hardware device connected to the computer, usually with a cable, such as a keyboard, mouse, or printers
input device, peripherals, software, hardware
5. The physical components of the computer system; anything you can actually touch:
hardware, hard drive, software, operating system
6. The main software on a computer that manages all the hardware and software; 2 examples - Windows %2707 and Mac OS X:
operating system, computer, hardware, CDRom
7. A program or set of instructions that tell the computer what to do; Microsoft Word is one example:
hardware, software, operating system, browser
8. print quizzes The main, large-capacity storage area where all the information and software is stored; found inside the computer case:
CDRom, floppy disk, computer, hard drive
9. A portable,compact disk that is inserted into a computer where a large amount of digital information is stored:
CD, hard drive, hardware, CDRom
10. interactive Tool bar found on Mac computers that holds icons for frequently used programs and folders:
Dropbox, Dock, Desktop, Format bar
11. Portable device plugged into a USB port and used to store and transfer files
CDRom, flashdrive online learning games , digital camera, hard drive
12. What you would use to access another computer%27s shared folders (on on the same network)?
hard drive, internet, finder, dock
13. Key combination used as a shortcut to copy text or image
Command%2bC, Command%2bP, Control%2bC, Control%2bP
14. Keyboard combination used to paste text or images
Command %2bP, Command %2bV, Control %2bP, Control %2bC
15. Keyboard combination used to quit a program
Control %2bP, Command %2bQ, Command %2bC, Shift %2bQ
16. Used to see what a document will look like before being printed
Software preview, Print setup, Print preview, Page setup
17. What does the red button on the upper left-hand corner of a window in any Mac program do?
Closes the window and shuts down the program educational games , Only closes the window, Only closes the program, Shuts down the computer
18. quiz builder How do you know which programs are still running on your Mac computer?
they are listed under the apple icon, they remain on the desktop, Open programs have open windows, the program icons on the dock will have a small lighted dot
19. How would you add a image (from your folder) into a document?
Use %22Format%22 on the menu bar, use %22Insert%22 on the menu bar, use %22File%22 on the menu bar, use %22Clipart%22 on the menu bar