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Computer Vocab 1

mouse elearning , the computer, monitor, keyboard, printer and any peripherals, OS or Operating System, hard drive results history , software, hardware, input device, computer, Microsoft Powerpoint assess performance , output device, CPU, Dock, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, printer, CDRom, peripheral,

central processiong unit, the %22brain%22 of the compuer crossword maker , hardware that is used to pass information from the user into the computer, Tool bar that displays frequently used applications and folders, a program or set of instructions that tells the computer what to do, electronic device that is programed to receive, process and store information , main storage of the computer; this stored information stays on the computer , an example of an output device, an example of a software program online education , hardware, the physical components of the computer, the operating system software on our school computers, hardware that receives and displays information from the computer, main software on a computer, mangages all the hardware and software, an example of an input device, a compact disk that is used with a computer, any hardware device connected to the computer usually by a cable,