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Formal, Informal letter phrases

Decide which phrase you could use in a formal letter and which one in an informal letter

formal, informal, either, group_name4,

We were pleased to hear from you., I wrote to you on the 5th of March about...., We’re having a lovely time in…, Tom is unable to attend school. He has measles., Give my regards to …, Thank you for your letter. I was sorry to hear that…, Hope to see you soon., You’re not teaching my daughter properly., Write to me soon…, I’m looking forward to seeing you.../to hearing from you, Don’t forget to send me some more samples, test Tom has got spots from his sister and will stay at home., I hope to hear from you soon…, I want to complain about the cheap rubbish you sent me., Could you please send me one of your brochures?, I’m worried about Tom’s progress. I%27d like to arrange.., Write and tell me when…, I’ve been very busy recently. Last week I..., Please let me know if you need any further details., You’re not paying me enough., Love…, I am writing on behalf of... , I have already written twice but ..., learning I should like to apply for a wage increase., Best wishes, How are you doing?, language I enclose a Postal Order for £15, The shirt was horrible., I’m sorry I haven’t written before, but …, I am contacting you regarding ..., I have written to you on two occasions but ..., The shirt was very badly made.,