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*Presidential Review # 3 - Presidents FDR, Truman and Eisenhower

1. Match the descriptions with the Presidents. 2. Complete the activity until scoring at least 90%25 in order to earn credit.

Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, group_name4,

Fair Deal, New Deal, started containment, Potsdam Conference, Yalta Conference, signed Highway Act, admitted to U2 plane spying on Soviets , sent troops to integrate Little Rock%27s Central High, school issued executive order for army integration, tried to get approval for Court packing plan, matching excercise took action to avoid 1940%27s March on Washington, elected to executive brach four times, educational games heavily criticized by Huey Long, president for large part of 1950%27s, defeated Herbert Hoover to become president,