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*SUMMARY ONE-Found to Recon

1. Read and review %22Summary One.%22 2. Complete the activity until scoring at least 90%25 in order to earn full credit.

Stephen Douglas, Chesapeake, First Great Awakening, John Adams foreign policy setback, Whiskey Rebellion, Contintental Congress, Indian Removal Act enforcers, John Calhoun distant learning , Vicksburg, Jefferson era explorers as part of Corps of Discovery language , New England, another name for the Land Ordinance of 1787, settled the Oregon dispute with Britain at 49th parallel, Declaratory Act improve results , 1870%27s legislation that attempted to restrict the KKK results history , middle colonies,

strong popular sovereignty supporter and a Democrat, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, wrote %22Exposition and Protest%22 defense of nullification, Force Acts, Massachusetts, New Hamphire, Rhode Island and Connecticut invite students , XYZ Affair, part of the South, Maryland and Virginia, Northwest Ordinance, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, James Polk, government during Revolution but before Independence, revolt transpired during time of Articles of Confederation, major Western victory for Grant during Civil War, religious movement of the early 1700%27s, stated Parliament could still regulate colonies with legislation, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren,