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(ITF) Unit 2: Living Online: Using the Internet: Lesson 6: Quali

1. How can you check the authenticity of information provided on a Web site?
Spelling or grammatical errors, Information is fact based and not just opinions, The depth of coverage on the information, All of these answers,
2. E-commerce occurs whenever you purchase an item from a Web site.
Check who the author is, Check who the publisher is, Check for links to other sites about the author, publisher, or company, Check for any affiliations associated with this Web site,
3. Some industries where computers are used other than education or at home include:
4. When checking the accuracy of the informaton on a Web site, what should you look for?
TRUE, FALSE, generate answer keys ,
5. How have computers made an impact on education?
Courses can be taken online instead of at the school%27s location, Technology allows students to communicate with each other online instead of in person, Critical thinking can be promoted to students as it gives them a chance to solve issues as if in the real world, All of these answers,
6. How can you make a payment for a purchase made online?
Manufacturing, Health Care, Real Estate, Supermarkets,
7. You should check whether the informaton is objective as the information may be biased per the Web site owner who may also have their own agenda for making this information available.
8. Every Web site owner should update their Web site and be as current as possible at all times.
Credit card, PayPal grading , Verisign, Cheque,
9. Computers have been beneficial to disabled or disadvantaged people by allowing them to communicate with others using special devices designed for specific types of disabilities.
TRUE, FALSE, quiz builder ,