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(ITF) Unit 2: Living Online: Using the Internet: Lesson 5: Searc

1. A Boolean Term is a special word that you can use in the search criteria to find specific information such as AND.
A dedicated Web page with a listing of the most popular sites people visit, A listing of general categories that you can use to search for specific information, A listing of names and contact information, A dedicated site that works similar to the yellow pages,
2. You could use HTML objects in the search in order to narrow down the search by using the HTML code used in a Web page.
3. A search engine is a database of Internet URLs with some key information to help you search for specific types of information on the Internet.
The Search button, The Search field, Click a link from the table of contents, Click the About Us link,
4. When looking for information on a Web site, what is the easiest method to find that information?
5. Portal sites are available for both subject fields and geographic locations.
Title, Description, URL, Any of these answers,
6. Some ways you can narrow the search for information include:
Punctuation, Casing, Wilcard Characters, Quotation Marks,
7. When the search engine displays the list of Web sites that match your search criteria, which part of the Web site information is a link to that Web site?
8. As there is no overseeing governing body for the Internet, there is both good and questionable information on the Internet.
All information on whales and rainforest, All information related to whales and the rainforest, All information related to saving the whales or rainforest, Any information on saving the environment and whales or the rainforest,
9. A directory is:
TRUE, FALSE improve results , ,