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(ITF) Unit 2: Living Online: Using the Internet: Lesson 4: Using

1. Anything that requires you to download means you need to have space on your hard drive in order to save it.
TRUE, FALSE prepare quiz , ,
2. When you copy items from a Web page, you must copy everything before you can paste it into a document.
3. What should you consider before customizing the Security or Privacy tab?
4. Items can only be copied from a Web page and pasted into a Word document.
5. When you print a Web page and it does NOT print certain things as shown on the screen, this is usually an indicator that the Web page could have been designed to not print items.
6. What does downloading refer to?
The ability to copy information to another computer, The ability to copy information from another computer to your computer, The length of time it takes to display the Web page on screen, The way the Web page was designed to display on screen,
7. How can you obtain information from a Web page?
8. When you save a Web page, you can save it only to a location on your local drive.
9. You should activate some options in the Temporary Internet files area occasionally to manage and protect yourself against other companies finding information about where you%27ve visited on the Internet or your interests.
Speak to the network administrator about what changes should be made, How low or high the settings should be based on what you want to see, How much maintenance will be required if you change these options to Low, Any of these answers,