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(ITF) Unit 2: Living Online: Using the Internet: Lesson 2: Looki

1. The home page for a Web site usually contains a table of contents or index to show you what is available on that Web site.
2. A banner on a Web page generally contains the logo and name of the company and then some links to common areas on the Web site.
You need to close the window before going further, A link of some sort is missing at this location, e.g. picture, ad, etc, You need to stop the downloading of this page and then reenter the URL to display everything, Nothing. The problem lies at the Web server,
3. In order to access information in a newsgroup, you need to set up an account with that newsgroup.
4. Whenever you go online to buy something, you should check that the company has set up encryption on their site for purchases.
TRUE, FALSE, interactive ,
5. What is a mailing list?
6. If you want to receive postings approved by someone, which type of list would you subscribe to?
The names in your Contacts List in your e-mail program, A public Internet messaging service tool for teachers , A virtual online discussion area, When you place your name on a list to receive marketing material,
7. A company%27s privacy statement usually states what they plan to do with any information they capture about you when you visit their site.
Moderated, Unmoderated, ,
8. What is a thread?
9. When you visit a Web site that wants information from you in a form, you can provide handle or alias nme instead of your own to cut down on any junk mail you might receive.
A request made for information, A reply made by someone to a specific post in the newsgroup, The process of being able to drill down to find information, Another name for a forum,