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(ITF) Unit 1: Living Online: Getting Connected: Lesson 4: Using

1. You cannot create folders in Windows Mail to store your messages.
Inbox, Sent items, Outbox, Drafts,
2. Adding a contact helps to reduce the amount of time spent entering e-mail addresses in messages.
TRUE, FALSE, online quizzes ,
3. How can you check for new messages as well as send any messages in the Outbox folder?
Select File, New, Mail Message, Click the Create New button, Press Ctrl %2b N quiz generator , Select Message, New Message,
4. How can you start Windows Mail?
Select Tools, Send and Receive, Send and Receive All, Click the Send/Receive button, Press Ctrl %2b M, Press F5,
5. If you cannot send or receive attachments with any message, this could be the result of the security being set too high or the anti-virus program blocks any attachments to be sent or received.
6. How can you create a new message? (Although the book gives you answers, a, b, c, d, e, f, we are limited here to a,b, c, and d only).
7. Make a copy of your Windows Mail data file as a backup in case the data file is damaged for whatever reason.
8. In order to delete the contents of the Deleted items folder each time you exit, you have to select everyhing in the folder each time you use Windows Mail and make sure the items are deleted before you exit.
9. Which of the following folders would you use to check on messages you haven%27t sent yet?