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(ITF) Unit 1: Living Online: Getting Connected: Lesson 2: Lookin

1. A benefit of using an online service to connect to the Internet is the sense of community that these types of services can provide to an end user.
DNS, SMTP, TCP/IP, All of these,
2. An intranet allows you to manage e-commerce transactions from customers.
Internet Service Possible, Internet Service Provider, Interne Security Program, International Systems Provider,
3. An example of digital connection line would be a DSL or T1.
Cost of connecting, Regular maintenance, Customer support, Technical Support,
4. In order to connect to the Internet, which standard components do you need to have?
Modem, Network card, Cables, Internet account,
5. A low bandwidth dial-up account can be of benefit to someone who wants to go onto the Internet as a way to test how much time he or she may want to spend on the Internet.
6. What is the set of protocols used by the Internet called?
TRUE, FALSE, generate answer keys ,
7. What is an ISP?
8. In order to communicate successfully in a telephone network, you need to know the number of the other person and you must speak the same language.
9. The fee you pay to your ISP should include which services?