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3rd Grade Science Test (copy)

1. wood, snow, hair, grass, cotton
examples of insulators, energy of motion, insulator, energy
2. material through which energy flows easily
conductor results history , energy activity , Examples of conductors, lens
3. material through which energy does not flow easily
insulator, conductor, electric current, temperature
4. energy that can be changed into a form that can do work
stored energy, lens crossword maker , insulator, electromagnet
5. results a thin line of light
ray, electric circuit, Examples of conductors, reflect
6. a material that is burned to produce heat
fuel, examples of insulators, conductor, electric current
7. piece of material that bends light rays that pass through it
lens, conductor, insulator, reflect
8. the energy that moving objects have
energy of motion, examples of insulators, electric charges, Examples of conductors
9. metal becomes magnet when electricity passes through its wire
electromagnet, energy, examples of insulators, conductor
10. the flow of electric charges
electric current, examples of insulators, Examples of conductors, ray
11. to bounce off an object
reflect, electric circuit, electric charges, fuel
12. the ability to do work
energy, electric circuit results , insulator, energy of motion
13. the amounts of electricity present in all matter
electric charges, lens, conductor, electric current
14. the path along which an electric current moves
electric circuit, reflect, electric charges, fuel
15. a measure of how hot a place or object is
temperature, electric circuit, electric charges, Examples of conductors