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Vocabulary 24 Slider

Complete at least once with 100%25

1. showing you don%27t like something by bying mean
jeer, obscure, pretentious, covert
2. think about something very carefully
consideration, jeer, spare, sulk
3. ESL likely something will happen or is true
probable, covert, serene, sulk
4. clumsily try and reach for it or hold on to it.
fumble, obscure, covert, ruthless
5. to seem more important than they rerally are
pretentious, ruthless, assert, decree
6. something you don%27t know about or understand
obscure, covert, jeer, serene
7. prepare quiz said firmly because you arevery sure of it
assert, ruthless test , consideration, serene
8. to stop or make go away
banish, consideration, decree, jeer
9. an official order
decree, desert learning , ruthless, probable
10. to leasve or stop supporting someone or something
desert, banish, pretentious, spare
11. to save from being hurt or used for something else
spare, assert, pretentious, desert
12. to praise in an offical way
commend, fumble, pretentious, decree
13. cruel and willing to do anything to achieve their goals
ruthless, fumble, commend, obscure
14. calm and quiet
serene, desert, consideration, covert
15. something that is hidden or secret
covert, decree, consideration, sulk