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Civil War

the Dred Scott Decision, Ulysses S. Grant interactive , Ku Klux Klan , Clara Barton , the Missouri Compromise , William Tecumseh Sherman , Fourteenth amendment , Robert E. Lee activity , Jim Crow Laws , Emancipation Proclamation , black codes, Thirteenth amendment , Fifteenth amendment , Jefferson Davis, Harriet Tubman , Sojourner Truth help students assimilate material ,

ended slavery in the Confederacy, described the rights and duties of freed African Americans , commander of the Union army, stated that slaves were property, a group formed to frighten black people and their white supporters invite students , amendment that abolished slavery, led Union troops using total war, laws that made discrimination against African Americans legal, amendment that made African Americans U.S. citizens , divided the US into free states and slave states, former slave who gave speeches about women%27s rights , president of the Confederate States of America, was nicknamed “Moses” quiz , amendment that gives all male citizens the right to vote , founded the American Red Cross class web page , commander the Confederate army,