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Protest - one - pages 852-857

Protest Kubbu - one 1. Read pages 852-857 in the textbook. 2. Complete the Kubbu until scoring at least 80%25 in order to earn full credit.

1. The Woodstock festival in rural _#____ gave voice to the concerns of many 1960%27s youth.
Democratic, DEMOCRATIC, democratic, , ,
2. SDS leader Tom ___#____ spread the beliefs of the group based upon youth feeling disconnected from American society.
Hayden, hayden, , ,
3. One tactic used by students protestors was to __#____ campus buildings in order to manipulate college administrators into changing policies.
occupy, OCCUPY, Occupy, , ,
4. A center of counterculture activiity became the Haight-Asbury community of ________#____.
sanfrancisco, San Francisco, Sanfrancisco, , ,
5. Students at the University of Michigan formed a protest group known as the Students for a ____#_____ Society.
newyork, New York, Newyork, , ,