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Protest - four - packet - Berrigan Brothers to the end

Protest Kubbu four 1. Read the protest packet from %22Berrigan Brothers%22 to the end before completing this Kubbu. 2. In order to earn full credit, a student must score at least 80%25.

1. Within 1968, riots broke out in Chicago where the ___#_______ Party was holding a convention.
Vietnam, vietnam, VIETNAM, , ,
2. An extremely radical protest group known as __#__ sought to destabilize the American government.
hawk, war hawk, HAWK, Hawk, , ,
3. A leading organization during the protests in Chicago was MOBE which wanted to bring an end to American involvement in the Southeast Asian nation known as ____#_____.
weathermen, weather underground, weatherunderground, Weasther underground, , ,
4. The %22Baltimore Four%22 and %22Catonsville Nine%22 tried to destoy __#____ records in Selective Service Offices, through pouring blood on them or even burning the material.
bomb, BOMB, Bomb, , ,
5. Protestors in Chicago referred to Democratic candidate Humphrey as a _____#_____ because of his support for the war effort in Southeast Asia.
draft, DRAFT, Draft, draftcards, draft cards, draft card, grading , ,