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Check-in 2 (OWS B 56A)

Wybierz właściwe tłumaczenie.

1. pasażerowie
passengers, on a trolley, a ticket, a window seat
2. dojechać na lotnisko
get to the airport, hand luggage, a boarding card, on the plane
3. bagaż
luggage activity , a ticket, get to the airport, the check-in desk
4. walizka
a suitcase, luggage, hand luggage, a boarding card
5. torba
a bag, an aisle seat elearning , get to the airport, on the plane
6. bilet
a ticket, a window seat, passengers, check-in
7. na wózku
on a trolley, get to the airport, hand luggage, an aisle seat
8. matching excercise miejsce odprawy
the check-in desk, get to the airport, a bag, a window seat
9. na wadze
on the scales, Have a good flight., a bag, hand luggage
10. bagaż podręczny
hand luggage, on the scales, on the plane, passengers
11. miejsce przy oknie
a window seat, on the scales matching excercise , a boarding card, a bag
12. miejsce przy przejściu
an aisle seat, Have a good flight., a window seat, luggage
13. karta pokładowa
a boarding card, on the plane, on the scales, hand luggage
14. Przyjemnego lotu.
Have a good flight., an aisle seat, a suitcase, a boarding card
15. w samolocie
on the plane, on a trolley, a ticket, hand luggage