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5b - Colonial Regions

New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southern, group_name4,

educational activities timber, fish, deep harbors, craftsmen, shopkeepers, shipbuilders, Boston harbor, hilly terrain and rocky soil, jagged coastline, moderate summers, cold winters, fishing, shipbuilding, industry, naval supplies, village and church as center of life, religious reformers and separatists, town meetings, rich farmland, rivers, and moderate climate, livestock, grain, and fish, diverse lifestyles, diverse religions, market towns, fertile land, rivers, humid climate, farmers and enslaved African Americans, tobacco, cotton, indigo, and wood products, save time plantations with slavery and indentured servants, mansions, counties, few cities, few schools, Church of England, Massachusetts Bay Colony, Plymouth, Jamestown, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Quakers, Puritans,