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Oxford Tests p.117 (Mickey Mouse)

In 1928, Walt Disney, Then he remembered the mice, Walt supplied, The enthusiasm, %27Steamboat Willie%27 was a film, Walt spent the return train ride, Walt soon realized that this signalled, He knew he had to come up, He sank everything he had, Mickey Mouse was born, Mickey Mouse, Walt refused, Walt was returning, He lost the rights, The first Mickey Mouse cartoon, Mickey Mouse ha become,

an international personality., faded., from a business meeting., didn%27t get distributed. invite students , to give in., where Mickey spoke in Disney%27s voice., making up a little mouse in red velvet pants., the end of silent films., into the film., set up his own business., the voice himself., with a new cartoon character., was inspired by real animals Disney had seen., running around the studio., to his cartoon creation., in Walt Disney%27 imagination.,