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Vietnam one - pages 834 - 848

Vietnam Kubbu One 1. Read pages 834-848 before attempting this Kubbu. 2. Complete this activity until scoring at least 80%25 in order to earn credit.

1. Within the 1960%27s, Diem was extremely harsh in his treatment of ______#____ monks. In fact, some of them reacted by sacrificing themselves with self-immolation.
Geneva, GENEVA, geneva, , ,
2. Tension over the Vietnam War boiled over during the year ___#____ when Americans prepared for a presidential election.
Diem, diem, DIEM, Ngo Diem,ngodiem, language , ,
3. In 1964, the ___#__ adminstration reported that the American navy had been attacked by North Vietnamese vessels. This resulted in the passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.
buddhist, BUDDHIST, Buddhist, buddhists, , ,
4. The Tet Offensive was a massive series of attacks by the __#______ in Vietnam which took the American military by surprise.
johnson, JOHNSON, Johnson, lyndonjohnson, Lyndon Johnson, Lyndonjohnson, , ,
5. The United States put its support behind Ngo ___#__ as the leader of South Vietnam while he tried to establish control of the nation.
communists, Communists, COMMUNISTS, communist, Communist, Viet Cong, vietcong, Vietcong, , ,
6. As a result of the __#___ Conference, Vietnam was divided into two sections.
1968, nineteen sixty eight, nineteen sixty-eight, , ,