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Vietnam three - packet - beginning through %22Silent Majority%22

Vietnam Kubbu three 1. Read the packet through and including %22Silent Majority%22 before completing this Kubbu. 2. Please do this activity until scoring at least 80%25 in order to earn credit.

1. Within the year _#__, combat deaths reached the highest level of the Vietnam War.
HANOI, Hanoi, hanoi, print quizzes , ,
2. Former French colonies in Southeast Asia included Vietnam, Cambodia and ___#___.
laos, LAOS, Laos, , ,
3. The major political group organizing resistance to the French presence were the ___#____. Many of them were Communists.
japan, JAPAN, Japan, japanese, JAPANESE, Japanese, , ,
4. During the Vietnam War, the capital of North Vietnam was ____#______.
domino, DOMINO, Domino, dominoes, dominos, DOMINOES, , ,
5. Despite the resistance of the antiwar movement, President Nixon claimed that a ____#_____ would support his policies.
vietminh, Vietminh, VIETMINH, multiple choice questions , ,
6. During World War Two, Vietnam was temporarily occupied by ____#___.
dien bien phu, dienbeinphu, DIENBIENPHU, Dien Bien Phu, , ,
7. The Gulf of ____#_______ Resolution was a Congressional authorization for President Johnson to take military action in Vietnam.
mcnamara, McNamara, MCNAMARA, mc namara, Mc Namara, , ,
8. Eisenhower feared that if Communists took over Vietnam, other nations in the region would topple like ______#___.
tonkin, Tonkin, TONKIN, , ,
9. Within 1968, tensions over the Vietnam War boiled over in the city of __#______ where the Demcratic Party was having a convention.
1968, ninety sixty-eight, NINETEEN SIXTY-EIGHT, , ,
10. Richard _#______ received the nomination of the Republican Party in 1968.
Chicago, chicago, CHICAGO, , ,
11. At the defeat of the French at __#________. Vietnam was divided into two sections.
nixon, Nixon, NIXON, , ,
12. The capital of South Vietnam was _____#_____.
silentmajority, Silent Majority, Silent majority, SILENT MAJORITY, SILENTMAJORITY, , ,