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IS foreign policy lingo and Asia

Please review the terms using flashcards and then complete the activity until earning 90%25.

Al Qaeda, superpower, Taliban, regime change, Tibet, limited war, mulltilateral, quagmire, unilateral, ASEAN, Taiwan, authoritarian, nation building, intelligence online learning games , covert, regime, unilateral, bilateral,

agencies %26 infrastructure created for a state, information gathered on the inner workings of another nation, pursuing a policy with the support of other nations, foreign policy disaster which is difficult to resolve, %22rebellious%22 Chinese province which received US support, militant group attempting to limit Western influence in Asia, regional organization which promotes Asian economies, nation with technology providing a worldwide reach, carrying out armed or military action with restrictions, secret, attempt missions without detection, people or group ruling a nation, semi-autonomous region of China with strong Buddhist history, several nations carrying out policy together, acting in an abrasive manner without respecting rights, former authoritarian rulers of Afghanistan, implementing policy alone, supporting a policy alone, without support of other nations, process of toppling a government,