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IS foreign policy lingo and Asia

Please review the terms using flashcards and then complete the activity until earning 90%25.

regime change multiple choice questions , Al Qaeda, covert, bilateral, unilateral, nation building, Tibet, intelligence, authoritarian, mulltilateral, superpower, ASEAN online quizzes , unilateral class web page , quagmire, Taliban, Taiwan, limited war, regime,

foreign policy disaster which is difficult to resolve, several nations carrying out policy together, people or group ruling a nation, former authoritarian rulers of Afghanistan, militant group attempting to limit Western influence in Asia class page , carrying out armed or military action with restrictions, process of toppling a government, supporting a policy alone, without support of other nations, acting in an abrasive manner without respecting rights, %22rebellious%22 Chinese province which received US support, secret, attempt missions without detection, nation with technology providing a worldwide reach, agencies %26 infrastructure created for a state, semi-autonomous region of China with strong Buddhist history, regional organization which promotes Asian economies, information gathered on the inner workings of another nation, pursuing a policy with the support of other nations, implementing policy alone,