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Signs and notices 2 (OWS 33)

Wybierz poprawne tłumaczenie.

1. panowie (napis na toalecie)
gents, exit (way out), No entry., No smoking.
2. wyjście
exit (way out), Please do not disturb., Queue here., notices
3. Nie wchodzić.
No entry., Please do not disturb., signs, Nothing to declare.
4. Wyjścia brak.
No exit., exit (way out), Please do not disturb., No entry.
5. online education Nie palić.
No smoking., No vacancies., No exit., Queue here.
6. Proszę nie przeszkadzać.
Please do not disturb., Nothing to declare., No smoking., notices
7. Kolejka z tej strony.
Queue here., Sale., signs, No vacancies.
8. Nic do oclenia.
Nothing to declare., No parking., gents, Please do not disturb.
9. Wyprzedaż.
Sale., entrance (way in), exit (way out), Nothing to declare.
10. Zepsuty.
Out of order., entrance (way in), No smoking., signs
11. Proszę dzwonić.
Please ring for attention., Please do not disturb., No parking., No vacancies.
12. online activities Brak wolnych miejsc (w hotelu).
No vacancies., No parking., Out of order., No exit.
13. Zakaz parkowania.
No parking., notices, Queue here., Out of order.
14. znaki
signs print quizzes , No smoking., Please ring for attention., gents
15. ogłoszenia
notices educational games , No parking., entrance (way in), Please ring for attention.